Community Rules

The PHCA has recently completed a revision of the rules.

Click here for the PHCA Rules. 

Click here for the PHCA CC&Rs 

Violation Appeals Process

The PHCA Board has created an appeals committee to address violations that owners may want to appeal. If you receive a violation letter and fine that you would like to appeal, complete this form and submit it to our office within 30 days of receiving the violation letter. The committee meets every 2nd Thursday at 2pm. The following are the upcoming meeting dates:

Jan 9th
Feb 13th 
Mar 12th

Behavioral Offenses

Behavioral Offenses include but are not limited to:

Motorized Vehicles –Article III, Section 1

Walk/Jog Pathways –Article III, Section 2

Parking –Article II, Section 8.

Loose Pets – Article II, Section 5. 

Nuisance Noise – Article II, Section 20 & Article III, Section 2.k of the Declaration

*For Animal noise, see Instructions for Completing Animal Noise Violation Form

Solicitation –Article III, Section 4. 

Outside Burning --Article II, Section 14. 

Feeding of Feral Animals – Article II, Section 19.

Behavioral Offense Penalties:

$150 fine 

Property Violations

Property Violations include but are not limited to:

Single Family Residence House Numbers & Photoelectric Cell Light – Article II, Section 17. 

Structural Maintenance - Article III, Section 2.f. (10) of the Declaration,

Landscape Controls - Article III, Section 2.g. of the Declaration,

Trash Disposal - Article III, Section 2.h. of the Declaration,

Signs - Article II, Section 10; Article III, Section 2.l of the Declaration.  

Property Violation Penalties:

$150 fine

Animal Noise Violations

*for Animal Noise Violations ~ the complainant must complete the

Animal Noise Violation form

to prove that the animal noise is in violation of the PHCA Rule. 

Animal Noise is defined as:

Continuous and/or incessant barking, baying, crying, howling, or any other noise which disturbs any person at any time of day or night for (10) consecutive minutes or intermittently for twenty (20) minutes in a 30 minute period.

Unless, the animal noise is a result of trespass or a threatened trespass or the animal is being teased or provoked.