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10th Annual Fine Art Exhibit 

North Shore Artists: Please join us for the upcoming 10th annual Princeville Community Fine Arts Exhibit.   
Our  exhibit has grown over the years and is now attracting local, national and international viewers. We would love to have you participate.  
Show dates:
Friday, October 26th, 9am to 11am artists submit artwork at the Princeville Community Center
Friday, October 26th, 4pm to 7pm exhibit Gala Opening Night with pupus.
Saturday, October 27th, 1pm to 4pm exhibit open
Sunday, October 28th 1pm to 4pm exhibit open
Sunday, October 28th, 4pm to 5pm artists pick up artwork.  
To submit your artwork for the show please do so with our online entry form.  There will also be computer help at the delivery site for those who need it.  
Submission Parameters:
1. Open to All Artists from Kilauea to Ke’e beach, 18 years or older
2. Media accepted: Painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics
3. Artist may submit up to 2 pieces, we will show both if space allows. Each piece requires a separate entry form, available online.  No student work or pieces previously exhibited on the island to be submitted.
4. Size: Not to exceed a 4X4 foot space per piece.
5. Plexiglas is required for artwork needing to be under glass.  
6. Entry fee: None
7. Artwork must be submitted with an online entry form.  There will be computer help at the delivery site for those who need it.
8. Artists must provide their own stands or easels for display purpose.
9. Artist contact information will accompany each piece for sales inquiries - no actual sales to take place at the exhibit.  
For questions please contact April McGinnis - or call 826-6687 
We hope to see you on October 26th.
The Princeville Community Fine Art Exhibit Committee