Princeville Path Construction Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Construction of the new Princeville Path has begun. Phase I includes about 1,400 linear feet of path running from the Makai 17th hole tee box (midway between Wylie and Kamehameha Roads) down to the Sandpiper Condominiums. This is the most challenging section of the total project as it requires widening the path across the golf cart bridge and reducing the slope of the trail dropping through the valley area.

We need the community’s full cooperation to stay well away from the construction area.Please avoid walking and jogging in this area. Pedestrians who must reach the community and shopping center will be routed onto a narrow path between the work area and the golf course. This area is rough and requires pedestrians to walk very carefully.

Joggers, please avoid the area entirely. Take the opportunity to find another route within Princeville. Do not jog on Ka Haku Road or the Makai Golf Course.

When work begins above the bridge, it may become necessary to guide pedestrians onto the roadside. Traffic will have to be slowed dramatically. Please obey all signs and traffic control personnel.

Phase I will be completed by mid-December.The work on Phase II and III (down to Lei O Papa and Liholiho) is planned to commence soon thereafter.This will provide a great new 8 foot, ADA-compliant shared-use pathway by Spring.

Thank you for your patience!