Walk/Jog Path 

Princeville has a 2.1 mile (3.371 kilometer) walk/jog path that runs from the St. Regis to the Princeville Shopping Center (as delineated in red above). 
Walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and skateboarders are welcome on the path. Just remember, pedestrians (walkers/joggers) do have the right of way. 

PHCA Rules Article III Section 2.

A. The Princeville Path (currently under reconstruction) runs the length of Princeville from the top of the Park to the end of Ka Haku Road. 

B. The path is designed for shared usage between pedestrians, HPV's, HEHV's, golf carts and any vehicles used by persons with disabilities. These vehicles must control their speeds to ensure safety at all times and at no time exceed 15 mph. Mopeds, motor bikes and all other vehicles capable of exceeding 20 mph are prohibited from using the path. 

C. All vehicles and runners are required to give way to pedestrians.