Multi Family Properties and the CDC

The Community Design Committee (CDC) oversees and approves property changes throughout Princeville and must be informed prior to any changes.

Consistency is the objective for the CDC, and should be as well for the AOAO, in regards to property exterior appearances. Once approved by the CDC, Condo AOAOs can distribute standards/guidelines to individual unit owners which may include window and railing colors, materials, etc.

The Condo AOAO is responsible for informing the CDC and acquiring CDC approval in writing prior to the start of construction/remodeling. These include:

  • Exterior changes including, but not limited to: paint, roof, solar, landscaping (tree removal and other planting changes and/or additions), pool repairs, parking lot maintenance, and upgrades to units/lanais.
  • Significant repairs to the Condo common areas, including but not limited to: dry rot repair on the buildings, property-wide stair repairs, etc.
MFL Applications: Color Scheme Application   Roof Application    Exterior Change Application

Individual Unit Changes

Individual unit owners may directly submit change applications to the CDC instead of relying on the AOAO as the intermediary; however, individual owner applications to the CDC must also include the written approval from the AOAO.

  • Individual unit changes may include: lanai railings, window color and/or materials, propane/air conditioning installation, etc.

Parking Lot Maintenance

There is a new process for resurfacing/resealing parking lots in Princeville. If you are planning to do so, please fill out the application and submit it along  with the listed documents to our office. 

Pool Maintenance

When draining large amounts of pool water (20% or more) for repairs and/or maintenance, the water must be dechlorinated either naturally or with a dechlorination product prior to being discharged into any storm water drainage system. After draining, the water can be chlorinated once again. If you plan to discharge the water down a sewer drain, please contact PUCI prior to doing so. PUCI has issued this notice regarding sewer usage. 

At no time should the water be allowed to flood a neighboring property.