Trash Collection

Weekly trash collection is an automated system.
The County has provided each house with a trash cart - either 64 gallon or 96 gallon.
Different charges apply. If you need to turn in a change of service form click here
For more information on the program click here.

Here on some guidelines and helpful tips for trash day:

Pursuant to the Kauai County Code, Chapter 21, the rules regarding proper use of refuse carts are as follows:  

  • Carts should be put out for collection no earlier than the afternoon before their pickup day. (Tuesday)
  • The cart lid must be in the fully closed position prior to pickup.
  • Carts should be placed at least 5 feet away from any object(s) such as mailboxes, fences, poles, and fire hydrants, with at least 16 feet of clearance above the cart from wires or trees. The carts must be placed with the handle away from the street.
  • Only dry trash should be placed in refuse carts.
  • Items with liquids should be drained prior to placing in refuse carts.
  • All trash must be bagged prior to being placed in refuse carts to prevent windblown litter.
  • Only trash contained inside the refuse cart will be picked up.
  • Trash should only be placed in your assigned refuse cart and not in someone else's cart.
  • Carts must be put away by Wednesday evening. 

All trash containers must be stored in the garage or on the side of the house screened from view. The containers should not be placed in front of the garage or in another highly visible area. 


Signs in Princeville

The PHCA Protective Covenants Article III, Section 2-1 and the CDC rules regulate the use of certain signs in Princeville. 
To read the entire sign regulation flyer click here. Below are the highlights:

  • Signs placed on vehicles (excluding vehicle decals or magnetic signs for business purposes) at homeowner lots and/or displayed on the house itself will be considered to be displayed on the lot, and therefore, must comply with these regulations.
  • Miscellaneous Signs: Signs shall not exceed 12" x 9" in size and shall be no higher than 40" from the ground to the top of the sign. Signs may not be attached to any street sign or directional sign. Signs must be maintained in good condition. 
1 Alarm/Security and/or 1 Beware of Dog sign are permitted per property. Same size criteria as described above. 
  • Open House/Garage Sale Signs: Signs shall not exceed 25" x 25" and shall be no higher than 40" from the ground to the top of the sign. Signs may be displayed between 8:00am and 6:00pm. The owner or a licensed sales person must be in attendance at the site at all times that the sign is displayed. 3 Open House signs are permitted per property. 
  • Political Election Signs: Signs are to be for political electoral candidates only. Signs may be installed no sooner than 30 days prior to a primary election. A total of 3 signs may be displayed but no more than 1 sign per candidate. Signs may be displayed in the front (street facing) side of a house.  
  • Prohibited Signs: "For Sale" signs, contractor signs, rental signs, animated, flashing or gaudy signs, etc. 

Any person wishing to have a sign approved for use (that isn't listed above) shall submit one copy of the sign drawings or a specimen sign to along with specifications as to colors, materials, desired location, etc.