Landscape Changes

Whether you are simply removing a tree or re-landscaping your entire yard, the Community Design Committee needs to be notified.
The extent of the review process varies depending on the scope of the landscaping changes requested. 

Click here for the Exterior Change Application. 

Click here for a sample landscaping plan

Tree Removal

If you wish to remove a tree on your property, you will need to:
  •  Fill out the above Exterior Change Application. Include location and a picture of the tree if possible. 
  •  Call (808) 977-8716 to schedule a site inspection of the tree to be removed.
  •  Wait until approval has been given before removing the tree.
  •  In some cases you may be required to plant a new tree in place of the one removed. You will be notified in writing if this is the case. 

Common Hedge Agreement

If you wish to install a hedge along the property line instead of 3' inside the property line, a Hedge Agreement must be executed.

It is recommended to include an Exhibit "A" which details the plants to be used and which parties will be paying for them and maintaining them. 

The Hedge Agreement along with a landscape plan showing the plants to be used along the property line is to be submitted for CDC review/approval
prior to installation.