New Home Construction

If you own a vacant lot and would like to build a new home, we advise you to read through the CDC Architectural Rules to review the requirements for building in Princeville. If you would like to come in for a consultation on the process, please contact April McGinnis. 

Click this link for the new home/addition application package which includes a checklist of what is required to submit for review. 

Home Addition or Renovation

renovation consists of any combination of changes to paint, roof, windows/doors, landscape, and/or other exterior changes. A renovation may require a variety of applications but should be submitted as a package for the CDC to get a good overall view of how the property will look post-renovation. 

An addition consists of adding square footage to the residence. An addition to your home will follow many of the above steps. It may be possible that only one review is necessary depending on the size of the addition. Please use the new home/renovation application form link above
If you have any questions about the process, you can reach April McGinnis at (808) 977-8716 or