Pickleball at Emmalani Park

Pickleball courts are available for drop-in play at Emmalani Park in Princeville. Since the use of the Emmalani Park courts has increased for pickleball, there is a need for scheduled times for pickleball play to also provide access to the court for basketball play.

* Pickleball play is allowed: Tuesday - Saturday: 9am - 11am & 3pm - 5pm.
Pickleball play is not allowed outside of these days and times; no pickleball play at all on Sunday and Monday.

* Pickleball play is on 2 adjacent courts only to allow basketball play at any time.

* Parking is allowed only along the road shoulder of Emmalani Park. Parking on the adjacent vacant lot (which is private property) or inside the park is not allowed.

PHCA hopes that these parameters provide the balance for enjoyment for pickleball play and quiet times for the homeowners especially in the early morning and dinnertime periods.

For other Kaua'i locations and more information on pickleball, visit https://www.pakauai.org/court-locations.