Princeville Alert System

Princeville Alert is a texting system designed to improve communications with residents. There are many times when being able to communicate with residents instantly would be beneficial. A few examples include: road work, water outages, neighborhood watch alerts, event notices, natural emergencies, etc. Emails often don’t get the job done. Princeville Alert will allow PHCA to send text messages to your mobile phone.

Summary Terms & Conditions

Currently, if your mobile number is listed in your PHCA Online Account, you will receive Princeville Alert messages on your mobile phone. If you don't wish to receive these messages in the future, just respond to the "Opt Out" message on the next Alert and your number will be removed from future distribution lists.

Princeville Alert Enrollment Instructions

To be part of Princeville Alert requires that you have put your mobile phone number into your PHCA Online Account through this website. Just click on the "Welcome Your Name" tab in the top right corner and select "Update Profile". Keeping this information accurate will help the PHCA to contact you via mail, email, home phone and mobile phone text or SMS.