General Renters Information

Welcome to Princeville!

When renting a house or condo in Princeville, you are expected to follow the same rules as Owners. These rules relate to parking, noise, conducting business, animals, etc. Click here for the PHCA Rules

Renters FAQ

Are we allowed to call Patrol if we just rent?  

Yes! Patrol is available 24/7 for all residents of Princeville. Call (808) 826-6181.
Are we allowed to attend events at the Community Center?

Yes! All public events are open to anyone. You are also welcome to reserve a room at the Community Center for a group or event.

The PHCA Board of Directors meetings are for owners only; however, if you would like to attend please call our office and discuss with us. 
Are we allowed to lodge complaints regarding noise, animals, parking, etc? 

Yes! As mentioned above, renters are expected to follow the same rules as owners; therefore, renters are also protected by the same rules. You can call Patrol to lodge the complaint and/or come in our office to submit a written complaint.